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News 2013


Some puppies looking for loving homes!!! For more info please contact breeders or me!

Grand Damon Wandellmere

Damon is beautiful son of my Adargo from litter in kennel Wandellmere (CZ). He is show quality and I think very promising :-)
He has very nice body structure and lovely face. He is red wheaten color with black mask.
He has very nice and friendly character :-)
Now he is 14 weeks old, and go on walks with small sister and all pack. He start training obedience and going on leash :-)
More about litter HERE

Ridgeback´s Hiari Gisselle Aubree  

Beautiful show quality girl from Adargo´s litter in kennel Ridgeback´s Hiari (SK). She was born as the last and the smallest, but she is very brave and great warrior :-) 
More about litter HERE

Ridgeback´s Hiari Gracey Savannah 

Beautiful show quality girl :-) 
More about litter HERE 

Ridgeback´s Hiari Garmin Easton 

Beautiful show quality boy with beautiful body structure and lovely face looking for loving home. He has very nice honey color without white marks.
He has very nice and friendly temperament. He is my favorite :-) 
More about litter HERE

 Ridgeback´s Hiari Gwion Cay 

Beautiful pet quality boy block on tail. He has red wheaten color with black mask and only very small white point on chest, like daddy :-)
More about litter HERE 

Ridgeback´s Hiari Graham Waine 

Beautiful pet quality boy, very small kink on tail. He is the biggest from boys and has white marks on chest and paws. 
More about litter HERE 
 16. 8. 2013
Puppies from kennel Ridgeback´s Hiari celebrate 6 weeks and was time to visit them :-)
I had the pleasure of them, they are happy and brave like them brothers and sisters from other litters :-)
Special thanks to Diana for her amazing puppies photos from all 8 weeks !
Photos from all weeks is HERE
Info about litter is HERE
2. 8. 2013
With great pleasure I would like to introduce our new family member :-)
It is my next dream come true, have at home father and son :-)
That´s now we have 3 boys :-)
Adargo´s son:

Cojochripa Erevu Rafiki

20. 7. 2013
With Cairo we has small trip on show :-) 
CACIB Mladá Boleslav (CZ)
champion class: Excellent 3
 13. 7. 2013
Puppies from kennel Cojochripa (DE) had 6 weeks and was time to visit them, this time it was little more important ....:-)
Puppies are very beautiful, happy, playful and brave :-)
We spent with them and family of Cornelia Rencez beautiful 2 days! And I would like to thanks to Cornelia for her amazing hospitality!
I was very happy too, becouse one girl stay in kennel with mom and grandmum :-)
Photos from our visit is HERE
Info about litter is HERE
6. 7. - 12. 7. 2013
Like every year we spent one amazing week on dog camp HAFBO and enjoy time with old friends :-)
All week was full of activities, training, socialization with horses, lectures and trips.
Last year Adargo won Camp games and this year he has 6. place :-)
We are looking forward a lot for next year!!! 
hafbo Adargo
5. 7. 2013
I´m happy that was possible visit puppies in kennel Wandellmere (CZ) secound time. They was 8 weeks old and was a lot of fun with them :-D
I´m very happy that Dáša Čechová, breeder, decide to keep one girl and she stay in kennel with her mum and grandmum :-D
Photos from my secound visit is HERE
Info about litter is HERE
Me, Mr. Light blue - Gedariah Wandellmere and daddy Adargo :-) 
1. 7. 2013
Puppies in kennel Ridgeback´s Hiari was born! We have 12 puppies, 8 girls and 4 boys!!! 
Jipííí :-D
More about litter is HERE
25. 6. 2013
Puppies in kennel Bahati Shomoro (PL) had almost 8 weeks and was time to visit them :-)
Breeder Dagmara Wrobel did great job, all puppies had very good socialization and was happy and playful :-D
Few days after our visit all puppies went to new homes.
I´m very happy that one boy - Nacho stay in kennel with his mum :-)
I´m sure very soon we will meet with most of them in show rings :-)
Photos from our visit is HERE
Info about litter is HERE

Cerven 2

 20. 6. 2013

Adargo x Dalila

New photos from 3 week  :-) HERE



17. 6. 2013

Adargo x Artemis

New photos from 4 week  :-) HERE



16. 6. 2013

Beautiful Ridgeback´s Hiari Chanya 46 day of pregnancy.




 10. 6. 2013

I would like to introduce Adargo´s bride from Slovakia !!! It is beautiful Ridgeback´s Hiari Chanya! 

We will have summer puppies!!! Pregnancy is confirmed!!!

More about litter HERE !

 Dar a Chanya


9. 6. 2013

Adargo x Artemis 

This Sunday I was on visit our puppies from Adargo and Artemis. They were 3,5 weeks old and first time on the garden. 

And they were that´s calm, brave and nice :-) Like they went on garden every day!  

They are really amazing :-D 

Photos from my visit and 3 week are HERE !

black boy 

black boy 


8. 6. 2013

Cairo x Sunga

I recived beautiful photos of Cairo and Sunga puppies :-D They are 5 week old and are sooo nice !!!

Can´t wait to see tham personaly :-D 

Photos are  HERE 





4. 6. 2013

Adargo x Artemis

We have a lot new photos :-D

Some puppies from this very promising litter are looking for new loving home !

If you are interested, please contact me or breeder!

Sweet portraits Here

Our pink princess :-)

Photos from  14 - 21 days here

Beautiful Snow white :-) 


4. 6. 2013

Cairo x Sunga

One very promising show quality girl and one pet quality girl are looking new loving homes! 
If you are interested, please contact me or breeder! 

New photos from 4 week!


Beautiful Nero :-)

KSunga mimi


29. 5. 2013

Was born puppies in Germany in kennel Cojochripa! We have 10 beautiful puppies - 5 boys and 5 girls :-D

Mum Dalila and puppies are well :-)

More - Adargo x Dalila



25. - 26. 5. 2013

Club show DZRR Appel (DE)

judge: Janet Wang (SA) 


Champion class: excellent  


Open class: excellent

judge: Lou Guerrero (USA)

Open class: excellent 3

I have only a few photos from this weekend, becouse was very rainy.

For photos thanks to K. Klimach!




23. 5. 2013

Adargo x Artemis

Puppies have 2 weeks :-)

Photos are here

Artemis a Dar


 16. 5. 2013

 We have new photos of Cairo and Sunga puppies :-D They was first time on garden :-D

Photos are HERE




 14. 5. 2013

This spring is for me full of happiness :-D And I´m very grateful :-D
Today born puppies of Adargo and Artemis !!! We have 9 perfect puppies :-D

All about litter is HERE

artemis a mimi 

First photos of puppies and individual portraits are HERE


Sweet Mr. Blue :-D 


11. 5. 2013

New photos of puppies Cairo and Sunga!



10. 5. 2013

New photos of our mothers to be :-D 

Dalila Cojochripa 36 day


Artemis Wandellmere 59 den




8. 5. 2013 

From Austria I get great news! Adargo´s daughter Nala obtain excellent healthy results !!!

I´m very happy :-D Thank you Iris and Nala :-D

Agu -Karasi Diamond Nala

HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg./neg., LTV neg.

heart tests - all in normal




    3. 5. 2013

All day we get great news from Poland! Sunga and her great team give birth 12 beautiful puppies!!!

We have 6 boys and 6 girls :-D

More about litter is HERE



1. 5. 2013

Regularly I got news and photos from our Mumies to be :-)

Girls feel very well, have a lot of good food, movement and a lot of love and cuddling :-D 

artemis artemis

                                  Artemis 44. day                                                             Artemis 53. day

dalila dalila

Dalila 33 day


 26. 4. 2013

Today I recive GREAT news! Beautiful Dalila is pregnant :-D !!!

I have a great hopes :-D !!! Puppies expecting at the end of May !

More about litter HERE



24. 3. 2013

Today, few days after Adargo, celebrate birthday our first puppies, D litter Agu - Karasi :-)

I love you my sweethearts, I wish you all the BEST!!!


Denga with his birthday cake :-D 


16. 4. 2013

My beloved puppy celebrate today his 7. birthday :-)

I wish you all the best, my dear :-) mainly a lot of health and maaaany years with us :-)

I love you !!!



8. 4. 2013 

 This late afternoon I get again the best news, Adargo will be daddy again !!! Artemis is pregnant !!!

I´m soooo happy :-D

This spring and summer will be full of visits our puppies :-D Can´t wait :-D

Info about this exciting litter is HERE

Adargo a Artemis 


1. 4. 2013

 On Easter monday we were on great, long walk. We have a luck and sometimes sun was shining :-)

Photos HERE


 Flying Adargo :-)


Easter walk :-)

In Cairo gallery are new photos




  25. 3. 2013

 Today I receive great news! Cairo´s beautiful bride Sunga is pregnant :-D I´m sooo happy and looking forward sooo much for puppies :-)
If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me or breeder :-)
More info about litter HERE

sono Sunga


22. 3. 2013 

We walk on many trips, some times we spent nice time on our cottage and made nice trip on ski :-) We love it :-)
This time was with us my friend Niky and old friends Creasy and Aiven :-)

More photos HERE


Cairo a Dar


 10. 3. 2013

 I got new photos of Fynn and Roudy. Roudy is like wine :-) and Fynn growing to a very nice young ridgeback :-)
And what is the best, they are great team!

Fynn a Roudy

Fynn and Roudy


Happy Roudy :-)


 9. 3. 2013

From Austria I got great news! Was published a list of the most successful dogs of the year 2012 and Adargo´s sons shone! Best kennel of the year was Agu-Karasi!
Big congrats to Claudia Witz and our amazing boys and their owners!!! I´m sooo proud and happy :-D

!!! Best young male 2012 !!!

Agu-Karasi Dahoma Roudy


!!! 2. Best young male 2012 !!!

Agu-Karasi Daron



2.3. a 3. 3. 2013 

Duo KV RRCD Gera (DE)

judge: Howard Thonks (IRL)

champion class: Excellent 1, CAC VDH

judge: Karl Reisinger (AU)

champion class: Excellent 1, CAC VDH, res. CAC RRCD

Cairo did two next steps for Championship of Germany :-)


15.2. - 17. 2. 2013

We were with Cairo on show maraton in Hungary. It was very nice but very busy weekend, but Cairo still did great job :-D !
For best company thanks to Martina and Dimi :-) 

CACIB Budapešť (HU)

judge: Blaz Kavcic (SLO)

open class: Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB (za interšampionem)

CAC Budapešť (HU(

judge: Attila Czegledi (HU)

open class: Excellent 2, res. CAC

CACIB Budapešť (HU)

judge: Manuel Loureiro Borges (POR)

open class: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG II.

!!! Cairo is new Champion of Hungary !!!

Cairo, Budapest


15. 1. 2013 
I get some new photos of Cairo puppies, 9. 1. they have 3 months. Hope soon I get photos from all puppies :-) 
Every puppy will have own gallery.
This special boy is clon of his father :-) I´m very curious how ge will grow :-) In his gallery you fing too new photos from his play and  relaxation with brother Roudy.
Cairo a Fynn
From this sweet girl, grow pretty princess :-)
Filou is sooo sweet and will be very elegant :-)
1. 1. 2013
PF 2013