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News 2012


8. - 9. 12. 2012

This weekend we spent in Germany, in Kassel on DuoCACIB show. It was busy weekend but very nice, full of meeting friends and success :-)

CAC and CACIB show Kassel (DE)

judge - U. Ralfe (SAF)


honoure class - Excellant 2


champion class - Excellant 2, res. Anw. DT. Ch. VDH ( first dog is champion DE VDH, that´s full CAC for Cairo :- ) )

judge - Karin van Klaveren


honoure class - Excellant 3


champion class - Excellant


This weekend was really successful :-)
Adargo´s son did great job in Wels (AT) 

DuoCACIB Wels (AT)

Agu - Karasi Daron

Excellant 1, CACA, Intermediate class winner!!!

Excellant 3!!!

Big congratulation to Michaela and Daron! I´m very happy and proud :-) !!! 


3. 12.2012 

All puppies of F litter Agu - Karasi have new homes and begining new life :-) We wish them loving families, amazing and long life, full of fun, friends and good food :-)
All puppies live close their mum Cayenne, that´s very soon we can visit them again :-) I´m curious how they will grown :-)
The best news for me, Fynn has new home with Adargo´s son Roudy :-)))
Can´t be more happy, sons of my amazing boys live together and are brothes :-) !!!

 First photos are HERE

Fynn and Roudy


24. 11. 2012

Secound time we visit Cairo´s puppies, and they grown sooo much, they are beautiful, amazing faces :-)
Three puppies are like father Cairo, one girl is like grandmum Isis and last two girls are absolutely like grand granddady :-)))

We spent with tham perfect time, play and try make a stack photos :-)
Thank you Claudia and Cayenne for perfect care of puppies :-) !

Photos from our visit HERE

All info about litter HERE 

F litter Agu Karasi.

 11. 11. 2012
This weekend was very success for Anja and Roudy, Adargo´son, they did great job on Duo CACIB in Slovenia!!!
Duo CACIB Sempeter, Vrtojba (SLO)
Excellant 2, res. CAC
Excellant 1, CAC
Roudy is new Junior Champion of Slovenia!!!
I´m sooo happy and proud! Way to goooo Anja and Roudy !!!!

Sraz D a F mimin

26. a 27. 10. 2012

On Friday afternoon, me and Barbora came to small town Fischau-Brunn in Austria. Here was born Adargo´s and Cairo´s puppies and we came for visit :-) Puppies are soooo sweet and beautiful :-) Cayenne is great and caring mom and has the best milk bar, becouse our miracles only eat and sleep :-))) Slowly trying first steps. 

Photo´s of our 6 miracles are HERE

On Saturday afternoon was plan meeting of Adargo´s puppies. Our adolescents have 18 months and look great!

They are very nice and typical ridgebacks, strong and powerful :-) And are very similar like daddy Adargo :-)
I have great pleasure!!!
Thank you sooo much owners for coming and hope we will meet again soon :-)

Thanks a lot to Claudia, for  everything :-)

Photo´s from meeting are HERE


Agu-Karasi Dahoma Roudy


                                                                           Agu-Karasi Dakari                                                                             Agu-Karasi Duke

Diamond NalaDjuna

                                                                           Agu-Karasi Diamond Nala                                                                                Agu-Karasi Djuna

Cairo and Cayenne

 20. 10. 2012
Today is for us one of the worst day. In the afternoon left us one of our best friend ever. After very quicly and insidiou disease. It all happened so fast! Oggisek left us unexpectedly and completely unprepared. Sweetheart us will hurt for a long time and we will always miss you. The only thing slightly lighten our sorrow is, that nothing hurt he and is in the best company. One day come time when we will go for a walk again!
Sincere condolences to his loving owners Gabin and Ivan. We are with you!
29. 5. 2007 - 20.10.2012
16. 10. 2012 
 Our Austrian elves begins the second week of life :-)
13. a 14. 10. 2012
We spent very nice weekend in beautiful town Hradec nad Moravicí. We had very nice autumn weather, great for exploring the local castle, parks and forests.
Photos HERE
 13. 10. 2012
 Photos our little miracles from their first week :-)
Cairo a Cayenne
9. 10. 2012 
During night and morning was born Cairo´s first puppies :-) Onset of delivery was difficult, but Cayenne was brave and finally managed all great! Born 7 puppies. First boy born dead. Other puppies, thanks to him, born without any problems. We are very sorry for lost first boy :-(
F team Agu-Karasi - 4 beautiful girls and 2 brave boys !!!
Cayenne and puppies are very well :-) Thanky you !!!
Cannot wait to see our miracles personally :-)))
Cayenne with puppies

MB, Orlík

30. 9. 2012

CACIB Wroclaw (PL)


judge: Leszek Salamon (PL)

open class: Excellant 1, CWC

Cairo is new Champion of Poland !!! 


22. 9. -23. 9. 2012

This weekend we spent in Slovenia, in Maribor.  It was very busy, but nice weekend and boys did great job :-)


CACIB Saturday

judge: Sigrid Jarmer (AT)

champion class: Excellant 1, CAC, res. CACIB

candidate for Champion of Slovenia 

Club show

judge: John S. Berg

open class: Excellant

CACIB Sunday

judge: Hans Boellars (NL)

open class: Excellant 2



Club show

judge: John S. Berg

champion class: Excellant, BEST HEAD 1. place !!!



1. 9. 2012 

Today we hear amazing news! Cairo will be a father first time!!!

Puppies will born in Austria, in kennel Agu - Karasi, great breeder Claudia Witz :-)
Birth waiting around begining of October!

Cairo´s first bride is amazing Agu - Karasi Codename Cayenne!

Mating was great becouse Cairo and Cayenne was in love from first sight :-)))    

INFO about litter - HERE 

 Cairo a Cayenne


1. a 2. 9. 2012 

This weekend was traditional ČKRR Club show in Orlík. We were here again and we enjoy it :-) 

Photos are HERE or under the pictures


judge: Richard Van Aken (SA)

champion class: Very good

judge: Elizabeth Megginson (SA)

honoure class: Excellant 3

Adargo Zulaykha 


 judge:Richard van Aken (SA)

open class: Excellant 1, CAC

 judge: Elizabeth Megginson (SA)

champion class: Excellant 

 Dykumos Deives Odakota DeCairo 


August 2012

Some Adargo´s puppies from kennel Agu - Karasi sent me new pics from summer :-) Thank you for it and looking forward for next :-) 

Agu - Karasi Dahoma Roudy

Agu - Karasi Dafina Keira

Agu - Karasi Diamond Nala

Agu - Karasi Dumisani Denga 

agu-karasi D litter 


August 2012

Both boys have new pics in their individual gallery. 

Adargo´s photos are HERE or under the picture

adargo zulaykha 

Cairo´s photos are HERE or under the picture



25. 8. 2012

Mladá Boleslav - judge: Monika Tušanová 




Komarom, Hafbo

 July, August 2012 
During summer we had show break and spent a lot of time with friends, on tracks and walks. And had a great fun :-)) 
I. Cottage with Qwandoya RR´s
Photos are HERE of under the picture
 adargo a cairo
II.  Cottage with Creasy and comp. :-)
Photos are HERE or under the picture
 adargo a cairo
II. Cottage with Cairo and mix photos from walks
Pics are HERE or under the picture
 adargo a Cairo
14. 7. 2012
CAC Mladá Boleslav - judge: Iva Černohubová
Excellant 2, res. CAC
7. 14. 7. 2012 
 We spent an amazing week at the dog camp organised by our dog school Haf Bez Obav. Once again, a lot of our old friend arrived and we had great fun. Of course there were some „greenhorns“ but they immediately fit in and enjoyed this camp more than any other before. 

As usual, we had some obedience training, fun competitions and lure coursing as well as hiking and competitions for the people. Dar managed the unimaginable and won the week long camp competition. There were around 30 dogs of all breeds. Of course – RRs were the best and all placed in top 10 :-)  Well our dogs were great, but unfortunately we, the owners, did not do that well in team competititon – never mind we have our great dogs.

So we're sending big thanks to the HafBO team for organisization and to all fellows for perfect company :-)
!!! The competititon for the most skillful dog – – Dar !!!
Photos from dog camp are HERE or click on the picture.
Hafbo tábor 2012
26. - 28. 5. 2012
CACIB Komarom - judge: Orit Nevo (IL)
Excellant 2, res. CAC
CACIB Komarom - judge: Nancy C. Russell (USA)
 Excellant 1, CAC, res. CACIB
CAC Komarom - judge: Kardos Vilmos (HU)
Excellant 3
Cairo Komarom 

WDS Salzburg

19. - 20. 5. 2012
This weekend was World dog show in Salzburg (AT) and Club show RRCO. Both days started on shows amazing ridgebacks and I´m happy to could saw them :-) On Saturday was Club show, it was hot and sunny day, may be to much hot :-)
And boys did great job!!!
On Sunday was WDS in Salzburg.
Photogallery HERE 
Club show RRCO 
 Honour class: Excellent ( entry 9 Interchampions)
WDS Salzburg
Champion class: Excellent
Club show RRCO
Champion class: Excellent 4 ( entry 23 champions)
 WDS Salzburg
Open class: Excellent
On club show I made some new pics of Adargo´son Agu-Karasi Daron.
12. - 13. 5. 2012
2 x Club show KCHRR Luková (CZ)
judge: Julie M. Bates a David H. Bates 
Honour class: Very good 1 a Excellent 1 !!!

Champion class: Excellent 4, Excellent 4 !!! 

CACIB Wieselburg

 30. 4. 2012
Photos from our spring walks are HERE.
 Adargo, Cairo
23. 4. 2012
Adargo´s puppies from kennel Agu-Karasi celebrate 1. birthday !!!
Wish all of them ALL THE BEST !!! I love you :-) !!!
Most of puppies have new photos in their individual gallery HERE .
22. 4. 2012
CACIB Dresden (DE)
Cairo open class : Excellent 3

Photos HERE
Cairo Dresden 
14. 4. 2012
CACIB Wieselburg (AU)
Cairo open class: Excellent 1, CACA
Cairo is new Champin of Austria !!!
Cairo in his 27 months become a Double champion !!!
We too met with Adargo´s puppies and they grown to beautiful ridgevacks :-) !!! They started in Junior class and did great job !!!
Agu-Karasi Daron - Excellent 1, Jugendbester
Agu-Karasi Dahoma Roudy - Excellent 2
Came to visit us too Nala a Keira, they are soo pretty girls :-))
31. 3. 2012
CACIB České Budějovice (CZ)
Cairo open class: Excellent 1, CAC
Cairo finish his first champion titule and become a new Champion of Czech Republic !!!
16. 3. 2012 
CACIB Katowice (PL)
Cairo open class:  Excellent 3
Cairo Katowice 

January, CACIB Brno

25. 2. 2012


Adargo´s amazing son, Agu-Karasi Dahoma Roudy rock the ring and on his secound show and 10 months did great job !!!

Junior class winner, Junior BOB, BOB, BEST Junior 3. place a BIG 5. place !!! 

Brother Agu-Karasi Daron - excellent 3 !!! 

Biiiiig congratulations !!! I´m soooo proud of you :-))) 

Agu-Karasi Dahoma Roudy 


11. 2. 2012

 We love long walks and went that´s often how we could :-) Photos from february walks are HERE

Cairo, Adargo a Drak 


4. 3. - 5. 2. 2012 

 Duo CACIB Brno

Cairo first time in open class : Excellent 3, Excellent 4



29. 1. 2012

 Few sunny days we spent on mountains :-) Photos HERE

Adargo and Cairo

Christmas 2011

Big up-date coming soon :-) !!! 

10. 1. 2012 

We have some new pics Adargo´s puppies from kennel Agu - Karasi (AT). I have only very good news from their owners and puppies grown very nice :-))) And I´m very proud :-)

Agu - Karasi Daron has as first his own homepage :-)

Agu - Karasi Daron

Agu-Karasi Daron

Agu - Karasi Dumisani Denga

Agu-Karasi Dumisani Denga

Agu - Karasi Damond Nala


Agu - Karasi Djuna



8. 1. 2012

Our amazing boy Cairo has today 2. birthday!!! We wish you only the BEST, a lot of cookies and friends for plays :-))) 
We love you our sweethart :-)) 



 7. 1. 2012

We ware with Cairo on first show in year 2012 and he did great job :-) !!!
Now he need only 1 CAC for obtain Champion of CZ!!!

 CAC Brno ( Olomouc )

Mezitřída: Výborný 1, CAC


Vánoce 2011 

This Christmas spent Cairo with me and my family and we had amazing time, full of fun and long walks :-)))
 Here are  some pics from Christmas Eve and one our walk, where boys played with my amazing sister :-)))

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011Christmas 2011

PF 2012