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News 2011

Praha, Nitra

  4. 12. 2011

 On Sunday Cairo and I and a few of our friend set off for a natinal show in Poland. Cairo was in the ring as at home a did very well. He got Excellent 1, CWC, National Winner. To get his Polish Championship there is only one last CWC left :-)))

CAC Świebodzice (PL)

Intermediate class: Excellant 1, CWC, National winner!



3. - 4. 12. 2011 

 There was a two-day show in Wels Austria this weekend. Two of Adargo's son's entered and did very well. On Saturday both got Very promising (no placings by the judge) and both had very nice descriptions. On Sunday only Roudy entered the ring and ended even better with VP3. I went to see the boys on Saturday and I was very pleased with them as they are growing to be very beautiful ridgebacks :-)))

Duo CACIB Wels (AT)

                                                                 Agu - Karasi Dahoma Roudy                                                                               Agu - Karasi Daron

                                                               Velmi nadějný, Velmi nadějný 3                                                                                Velmi nadějný

Agu-Karasi Dahoma RoudyAgu-Karasi Daron


26. - 27. 11. 2011 

 This weekend was amazing weather and we spent it on long walks with friends :-))

Photos from walks are HERE.


 19. - 20. 11. 2011

Duo CACIB Nitra (SK)

judge: Iveta Vojteková (SK) + Grzegorz Weron (PL)


Champion class - 2 x Excellant 3 ( entry 7 and 8 champion in class! )

Adargo ZulaykhaAdargo Zulaykha


Intermediate class - Excellant 1, CAC + Excellant 2, res. CAC

Dykumos Deives Odakota DeCairoDykumos Deives Odakota DeCairo


5. 11. 2011


CACIB Praha 

judge: Ing. Jaroslav Matyáš

Intermediate - Excellant 4


 23. 10. 2011

Today have Adargo´s puppies from kennel Agu - Karasi ( Austria) half year birthday :-)))
I´m really happy that everyone have loving family and growing so nice :-)))
We wish you all the best our sweethearts :-)))

Adargo´s offspring


14. 10. 2011 

 Dar was on some healthy tests and resultes are great :-))) !!!

Blood and thyroid test - all in normal

LTV - neg.

Degenerative myelopathy - N/ N normal


24. 9. 2011 

On Saturday early morning we set off back home. On our way we stopped close to Brno, at the club show for Cairo's stud dog exam. Although he had just returned from a demanding holiday (with a head full of Ashari in heat:-) ) and spent 10 hours in the car, he did very well.

                                     !!! So Cairo was officially accepted as a stud dog :-) !!!

More info about Cairo can be found under his tab.

17. - 24. 9. 2011

 We spent a lovely week in Italy. We really liked the place last year so we decided to go there again this year. And it happened. Although we chose September this time, the weather was nice and warm.  Last year's pack was joined by Bara, Drak & Cairo and Petra with her mum and their dogs Mody, Simba and Bara. The main pack consisted again of Qwandoya RRs :-) If it hadn't been for Ashari in heat, everything would have been perfect. This way we had to walk off into a safe distance  :-)

Photos are HERE

Drak, Cairo, Adargo

Orlík 2011

10. - 11. 9. 2011

This weekend we couldn’t miss a traditional 2day Specialty Show at Orlik. There were almost 200 entries. This show was special not only because of the record breaking number of entries but also because of the judges from far Australia, long time and experienced breeders. And again our boys didn’t get lost among so many dogs and gained very nice placements and even nicer assessments by both judges. Even our friends did very well and we send our congrats to them :-)))

Photos from shows are HERE .

 KV ČKRR Orlík 2011



judge: Sue Cameron-Codognotto ( kennel Ozrhode )

champion class: Excellant

BEST HEAD 1. place!!!

Sue Cameron - Codognotto about Adargo: 5 years old, wheaten male, good breed type, lovely masculine type, with excellent depth in muzzle, lovely round eye, eye color harmonize with coat color, handsome on a stack, could have a little bit more return in upper arm, strong topline, good depth of chest, excellent ridge, clean moves profile and back, reasonable in side profile.

Adargo Zulaykha 


judge: Dawn Redman ( kennel Shelridge )

champion class: Excellant ( shortlisted )

Dawn Redman about Adargo: Outstanding type, displaying a head which is my ideal, good strong neck, well arched shoulder, good depth of ribs, strong topline, correct croup, strong rear, good feet, sound coming & going, would prefer slightly more reach & drive on side gait.

Adargo Zulaykha



judge: Sue Cameron-Codognotto ( kennel Ozrhode )

intermediate class: Excellant 3

BEST MOVEMENT 2. place !!!

 Dawn Redman about Cairo : 19months, red wheaten male, excellent breed type, elegant, still has strength, lovely neck, good length of body and balanced fore and after, good bone, lovely hindquarters, could have little bit more prosternum and some fill, little bit more depth of chest, has excellent limbs, good ridge,  pleasing typical head and dark eyes with lovely expression, sound coming and going, covers ground well going around, lovely dog.

Dykumos Deives Odakota DeCairo


judge: Dawn Redman ( kennel Shelridge )

intermediate class: Excellant 3

 Dawn Redman about Cairo :  Elegant outstanding dog, head of good proportion, good line of neck,  would prefer a slightly more return of upper arm and more fill in front chest, strong topline, correct ridge, well masculated, sound overall movement.

Dykumos Deives Odakota DeCairo

I was thrilled by the presence of Adargo’s son Daron and his owners who came for the Saturday’s part of the show. Daron is a lovely 4,5month old boy and if he continues to develop as now, I’m sure we’ll hear about him from the conformation rings in the future :-))  At his first show he did very well, except for showing his teeth, so there is some training ahead of him ;-)
Big thanks to Michaela and Georg for a lovely weekend :-))

Daron´s pics are HERE.

Agu-Karasi Daron

Agu-Karasi Daron


13. - 17. 8. 2011 

On saturday and sunday we were on Duo CACIB show in Austria in Innsbruck. Cairo started both days in intermediate class and was amazing! Both days won 1. place with CACA!!! In 19 months he need last CACA for Champion of Austria :-) !!! I´m so proud of him :-)
Dar has, not only in Austria, long ago fulfilled many championships and so he started in honour class:-) And he was amazing as always :-)  He ran for the 4. and 2. place :-)

Duo CACIB Innsbruck (AT)

judge: Claudio de Giuliani (IT)
judge: Yvonne Schönholzer (CH)


intermediate class: 2x Excellant 1, 2x CACA

Cairo in InnsbruckAdargo in Innsbruck

Next days we spent with Qwandoya RR´s :-) , on trips in Alps. Photos from our walks are HERE.

Ridgebacks in Alps

New Dar´s and Cairo´s pics are in their galleries.


Adargo ZulaykhaDykumos Deives Odakota DeCairo


10. 9. 2011

Few days we spent on cottage on the mountains Krkonoše. In great company RR´s from kennel Qwandoya :-) It was a very nice time :-) 
Photos from our trips are HERE.

Ridgebacks on the mountains.


9. 8. 2011 

We've received a letter containing the best news we could hope for :-)

            !!! Cairo's official x-ray results are: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg/neg, LTV neg. !!!

 So Cairo is absolutely healthy and we are just thrilled with happiness :-) !!!

29. 7. 2011 

The world - famous and very successful photographer Monika Pehr, included in upcoming calendar for next year, photos of both our boys :-) It makes me very happy :-) It´s a honor for us :-)

Thank you Monika !!!

Adargo by Monika Pehr

InterCh. MultiCh. Adargo Zulaykha - Mr. January :-)

JCh. Dykumos Deives Odakota DeCairo - Mr. September :-)


10. 7. 2011

We spent a few last days on our cottage on the mountains, with our best friends and it was perfect time :-))) 

 HERE is some pics.

Adargo and Creasy
Best friends Dar and Creasy :-)
Dar in free stack during our walk :-)

Mimi 7.týden

 27. 6. 2011

We have some new pics from puppies new homes :-) Thank you soo much for them :-)
Most of our puppies have new homes in Austria and one boy (Django) lives in Switzerland. Most of them we will meet on shows :-)
I wish you, our sweets, only the best, a lot of health and love :-)

                                                                                         Agu-Karasi Django                                                                            Agu-Karasi Daron

Agu-Karasi Djuna

Agu-Karasi Diamond Nala a Agu-Karasi Dafina Keira


15. 6. 2011 

 Puppies are 8. weeks old and me and Adargo was on our last visit. Puppies are so sweet and beautiful :-) I love them sooo much :-)))

Thank you Claudia for your perfect care and for everything :-)))

Photos are  HERE, or click on pics.

Adargo x Inuka puppiesAdargo x Inuka puppies


2. 6. 2011

Here are photos from 6. and 7. weeks old our puppies. They grown sooo fast :-) They are amazing :-) 

Beautiful photogallery are HERE or click on pics :-)

Adargo x Inuka puppiesAdargo x Inuka puppies

Litoměřice a mimi

29. 5. 2011 

 CAC Nowa Ruda (PL)

rozhodčí: Grzegor Weron (PL)


mezitřída: Výborný 1, Národní vítěz 


28.  5. 2011

KV KCHRR Luková (CZ)

rozhodčí: Grzegor Weron (PL)


třída mladých: Výborný 2, Nejkrásnější ridge 4. místo


23. 5. 2011 

Today puppies have 1 months and we were on next visit :-))) They are sooo sweet and nice :-) And grown so fast :-)))
I´m really happy that I saw them and thanks to Claudia for everything. 

Gallery from our visit is under the picture.

 21. - 22. 5. 2011

 CAC Litoměřice (CZ)

judge: Barbara Larska (PL)


intermediate:  Excellant 1, CAC

After the show we were on walk, pictures are under the pics :-)

CACIB Litoměřice (CZ)

judge: Viera Staviarská (SK)


intermediate: Excellant 1, CAC

Our very good friend has too perfect results - Creasy (Desmond Fontanesia), in saturday obtain V2 a res. CAC and in sunday he had  V1, CAC a CACIB!!!

Too Hanka with Ašinka were very successful and won in both days and obtain new Junior champion of ČR :-)))4

Many congratulations!

14. 5. 2011

 CACIB Praha (CZ)

judge: Ivana Černohubová (CZ)


intermediate: Excellant 2, res. CAC

Mimi a HU

 5. 5. 2011

Today I was visit Dar´s puppies first time. They are more beautiful than on photos :-)))
Inuka is perfect mom :-) and puppies will have 3 aunts to play when will be a little older :-)

Thank you Claudia and her family for all :-))) I looking forward to see you soon :-)))

Photos here or under the pics.


24. - 25. 4. 2011 

On sunday and monday we continue our "Easter show marathon" in Hungary. In was very exacting but we were very successful :-)))
I´m very proud of Dar and Cairo :-))) 

 CACIB Szilvásvárad (HU)

judge: Ron Menaker (USA)


champion class: Excellant 1, CAC, CACIB, Cruft´s qualification 2012 !!!


intermediate class: Excellant 1, CAC

CAC Szilvásvárad (HU)

judge: Rafael de Santiago (PR)


champion class: Excellant 1, CAC


junior class: Excellant 1, CAJC

Cairo is new Junior champion of Hungary :-) !!!

23. 4. 2011 

 When our puppies born in Austria, me and Cairo went to Dresden and stared our "Easter show marathon" :-)
And Cairo was great :-)

CACIB Dresden (DE)

judge: Dorota Witkowska (PL)

intermediate class: Excellant 1, CAC

Cairo is new candidate for Champion of Germany!!!

23. 4. 2011

 Today was really amazing day :-) In kennel Agu-Karasi born Dar´s first puppies :-)))

We have 11 puppies - 8 boys and 3 girls:-))) !!!

The delivery was without complications and Inuka is going well :-)))

Here you can see our 11 miracles :-) More info about litter and photos you can found in section  Progeny - Adargo and Inuka :-)



 9. 4. 2011 

 CACIB Wieselburg (AT)

Judge: Iris Urschitz ( AT ) 


Champion class: Excellant 2, res. CACA

Dar is New Champion of Austria :-))) !!!!!


Intermediate class: Excellant 1, CACA
First time in intermediate class and win, Cairo is New candidate for Champion of Austria :-))) !!!



3. 4. 2011 

New pics of Inuka - 41. day of pregnancy :-))) Inuka is fain, relax on the sun, eating :-) and her belly is bigger and bigger :-)))
Only 3 weeks and ...... :-))) 



23. 3. 2011

Inuka relax on the sun :-)


14. 3. 2011 

 Great news!!! The mating that took place on Frebruary 21st and 22nd 2011 was successful and Inuka ( Shakawe L´Rhodesia of Agu-Karasi ) is expecting puppies :-)))) !!!!
Inuka is celebrating her 3rd birthday today and we wish her the very best :-)))
I am soooo thrilled and I am really looking forward to seeing the puppies :-))))
More info in Progeny


12. - 19. 2. 2011

We spent a beautiful week in the Austrian Alps. Even though the thaw was at its peak there was still enough snow for some skiing :-)

More pictures HERE or see the picture :-)

Trenčín, Brno, procházka

5. - 6. 2. 2011

Duo CACIB Brno (CZ)

judge Saturday:Petr Řehánek (CZ)

judge Sunday: Miroslav Václavík (CZ) 


Junior class: Excellant

Junior class: Excellant 2  












photo: ch.s. Borana 


 29. 1. 2011

  A very pleasant walk in snow :-)

More pictures HERE or see the picture.






22. 1. 2011

CACIB Trenčín (SK)

judge:    Serge Vanzha (RUS)


Champion class: Excellant 2, res. CAC


Junior class: Excellant



Vánoce, Šampion šampionů

 15. 1. 2011

 We took part in the show Champion of Champions 2010 which took place in an unusual environment of the Top Hotel in Prague but with a very nic atmosphere. Here are few pictures from the ring.




January 2011 

 At first let me sum up last year’s events. Last year was a special one in many ways, full of joy, unexpected twists and amazing victories. First of all I’d like to thank my “fist-born”, i.e. Dar. He managed to achieve loads of unbelievable things in 2010. It has definitely been our best year so far and Dar has been matured nicely :-)

In the spring an unexpected addition to our family arrived. The less planned, the more loved. His journey to us was more than adventurous, in a few weeks he experienced more than many dogs throughout their whole lives. He was born in the US, involuntarily got stuck in Denmark but then found his way to a happy home in the Czech Republic. The addition I’m talking about is our little Cairo of course. Even though he is no little any more as he’s grown a lot over the year.

Although we love walking across the countryside the most, especially with loads of other “red friends”, exhibitions also take up some part of our lives. Well, not some but a big one :) As I’ve mentioned before, the year 2010 was a special one, in the show world it was the same.
Dar managed to finish 5 championships last year:

The Interchampion, the Champion of Germany, Croatia, Hungary and the Grand Champion of the Czech Republic!!!

If I remember well, all assessments and titles were from different judges, quite often a well-known and honourable judge and a specialist in Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.
Both guys also took part in the World Dog Show in Denmark and they definitely didn’t get lost among the others :-)
However the most moving experience was the Czech Specialty show which took place traditionally at Orlik. Both Dar and Cairo had an unforgettable experience waiting for me, the ones you sometimes only dream of.
Dar reached all the way to the top, winning his champion class, Club Winner and then even BOB.  All of this in within the entry of 160 RRs and under the judge, long time breeder and a specialist, Ms Beatrix Marcelot-Carbot from France!!!!
Cairo won his puppy class as well as BIS Puppy both days and further more the second best head.

I still feel thrilled just thinking back about that day :-)

So for now there is only a wish for this year to be as successful and full of unbeatable experiences as last year but what we need the most is to be healthy and relaxed.

The same we wish to all of you :-)))

24. 12. 2010

 We really enjoyed ourselves over the Christmas time. As Dar was a reaally good boy last year he had several presents waiting for him under the Xmas tree....and as you can see he's a real professional in unwrapping them :-)