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Novinky 2010

5. 4. 2010

 Because of "little" travelling, me and Dar went for another journey - this time to the Netherlands. We tried bus-travelling for the first time in "Dog Show Bus" full of Czech exhibitors. The travel was quite tiring, becuase we both had only one seat-stick. Luckily dar behaved very nice in the ring and we got CACIB! Finnaly it was very interesting experience with excellent result for us! Next time I will order personal sit place also for Dar :-)

CACIB Leeuwarden (NL) - Champion class winner, CACIB

Under the pics is Dar gallery

2. 4. 2010

Dykumos Deives Odakota DeCairo ( Cairo )

The way of this rr boy to Prague was really long and stressfull. His arival was not planned, it was just result of few strange circumstances. Two weeks ago, I found out this boy and his litter sister had to fly to Lithuania to meet with their new families, but beacuse of some paper-problems they stucked on Danish airport. Unbelievably, this was enough reason for Cairo´s future owners to decide they don´t want this special boy anymore. So his breeder Asta had to find new home for him immediatelly. After long deciding and thinking about all pros and cons me and my friend decided to take Cairo. After one week we appeared on a journey towards Denmark to pick up our boy. We started full of hope and happy with imagination how we are taking the boy with us back to Czech soon, but we could not be more wrong...instead of this we spent many horrible and unbelievable hours on Dannish airport with "making papers". Fortunatelly everything finnished well and little handsome Cairo found his new home in family of my friend Bara and her RR boy Drak ( Baby Dragon Zulaykha). I am sure they will create great pack. Cairo is happy, outgoing RR boy with excellent character. I wish him all the best in future life!

Cairo is in my co-ownership, you will probably have chance to meet us together on Dog Shows and you can follow his life on our website, too.

HERE are pics from our "trip" to Denmark

HERE are pics from Cairo´s 3 months birthday :-)

Z - Rhodesie gallery Cairo´s pics from Dana Marečková


27. 3. 2010

 CAC Nitra (SK) - Excellent 3 ( champion class )

Under the pics are gallery from our daily walks :-)


7. 3. 2010 

Today was very nice and sunny day and we were on walk with our friends, two RR ladies and their owners Irena and Verča. It was a very nice trip and HERE you can see some pics :-)

23. 2. 2010

 Last week we made a few-day trip with our family to the mountains, our favourite Krkonoše. This short holiday came out very well, we experienced all kinds of weather that winter mountains can offer and we enjoyed it very much. Dar refreshed his memory in running by skis and I must say he remembers everything very well and he runs like a professional :)  In the mountains we also thoroughly tested Dar´s new winter jacket, made by our friend and new designer Markéta Stojanovská. You can see her other models at  The jacket is great, it fits perfectly, it is very soft, doesn´t scratch or bother the dog anywhere and Dar doesn´t even know he´s wearing it, while still being cozy and warm. It´s just great.  

Few photos from the mountains and also from everyday walks below under the picture.


1. 2. a 2. 2. 2010

On monday and tuesday we had precious visitors from far Belgium. Came Dar´s first bride :-) lovely Tisisit Goodchy. We spend together a very nice two days. Dar and Goodchy see eye to eye :-) and mating pass fine :-) in both days :-) Thank you, Hanka, for your help and assistance :-)

Now we must waiting 25 days for confirmation pregnancy. I hope that everything will be fine and Goodchy will be a mother :-) Think of us :-)

Pics from mating HERE and more info in Progeny.


31. 1. 2010

New gallery - winter you can found here. We have great news - coming soon :-)

foto: Ivana 
Brassilka a Dar (sister and brother :-) )

27. 1. 2010 

 On Saturday we went, with Nikol, Creasy and Aiven, on long trip. We were on international show in Trenčín (SK). It was a very nice and successful day. Creasy was excellent 3 in open class and Dar won champion class with CAC and res. CACIB. On sunday we were on trip in Nízké Tatry.

 CACIB Trenčín (SK) - Champion class winner, CAC a res. CACIB


20. 1. 2010

It´s great news :-)  In kennel Qwandoya expected A litter!!! Congratulation lady´s :-)

Moore info :

17. 1. 2010

On Sunday we were on walk with our friends from SVP :-) Some pics and report you can see here.


foto: Ivana 

16. 1. 2010

On Saturday we went, with Nikol and Creasy, on international show in Nürnberg (DE). We met our friends and had a nice day :-)

CACIB Norimberk - Výborný

10. 1. 2010 

We were walking with our friends on Dívčí hrady. Was a very nice and snowy weather and it was a very nice trip. Pics and report you can see here:  Iva a Fanča.


 foto: Iva a Fanča 

9. 1. 2010

Christmas time was very nice and we were on many trips with our friends. In gallery you can see some pics from our walks.