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Novinky 2010

16. 12. 2010

Pics from today sunny morning :-) Dar and Cairo and their crazy games :-)


30. 10. 2010 

 Pics from our sunny walk :-)

Here is Dar´s autumn gallery :-)


16. - 17. 10. 2010

 This time we went to Hungary, the city Komarom. Complete team set off this time- it means me and both guys and
as a travel company joined us Katka and her flat coated retriever Apollo
We all had a wonderful and extremely successful weekend. On Saturday the ridgebacks were judged by Ms. Helene Nietzsche from USA.
Cairo entered the junior class for his first time and as several times before he just charmed the judge and won Excellent 1, CAJC.
Dar competed in the open class, because I hoped him to gain the last needed CAC and luckily he really did.
The judge really liked Dar so on top of that he received also CACIB.
Cairo then added the icing when he won Junior BOB.
Also Sunday was immensely successful day. Cairo received Excellent 1, Junior CAJC and then BOB.
Dar this time gained Excellent 1 and CAC in champion class.
Katka and Apollo got in both days CAC, CACIB and BOB.
Congratulations and thank you for your excellent company.

Duo CACIB Komarom (HU)

judge Saturday : Helene Nietsch (USA)

judge Sunday: Dr. Molnárné Pesztenlehrer Ingrid (HU)


Open class: Excellant 1, CAC, CACIB

Champion class: Excellant 1, CAC


Junior class: Excellant 1, CAJC, Junior BOB

Junior class: Excellant 1, CAJC, Junior BOB

23. 9. 2010 

We were on very nice walk with friend Veronika and RR Sarah :-) 

We have very nice photo our boys from Dana Marečková ( Gallery z-rhodesie ) Thank you :-) ! 

Photos are  HER or under the pics:


18. 9. 2010 

This saturday we spent on club show KCHRR in Luková. Was a very nice weather and it was a very nice day :-) 

Club show KCHRR

judge: Libuše Ubrová


Champion class: Excellant 1, CAC

Best Head 2. place

photo z-rhodesie gallery


Puppy class: Very promising 2

photo z-rhodesie gallery


10. - 12. 9. 2010

We set off for a 3day show in Croatian cities Vukovar and Osijek. The weather wasn't really on our side - it was cloudy the whole journey and
rainy on Friday and the whole weekend. On the other hand the rain maybe brought some luck and we achieved another incredible success :-) Dar gained CAC at all shows and on Sunday he even added a CACIB :-) Thanks to this he managed to achieve two "master titles" including the highest ranked.

                                                                      !!!  International Champion !!!

                                                                          !!!  Champion of Croatia !!!

CAC Vukovar (HR)

judge: Kamen Litov (BG)

Champion class: Excellant 1, CAC

CACIB Osijek (HR)

judge: Petar Klarič (HR)

Champion class: Excellant 1, CAC, res. CACIB

CACIB Osijek (HR)

judge: Zlatko Kraljič (HR)

Champion class: Excellant 1, CAC, CACIB


4. - 5. 9. 2010

As every year, this weekend was a traditional specialty show of Czech Rhodesian Ridgeback Club at Orlik. Two judges from France - Beatrix Marcelot-Carbot and Jean Blangino, were invited to judge this time. Even though the weather looked slightly unkind at the beginning, it cleared up and the whole weekend was very nice with a little bit of sun on Sunday.

But for us the brightest day was Saturday under the judging of Ms Marcelot-Carbot. It all started with Cairo in a Puppy Class. Cairo stacked and ran perfectly as usual and the judge was absolutely thrilled so she ranked his as a best male puppy. Then we went to the ring with Dar in a Champion Class which was quite packed. The judging was really dramatic but also Dar caught the judge's eye and he won his class as well. The third time in the ring on Saturday was with my friend's stud dog Creasy (Desmond
and even he won! It was just unbelievable and that still wasn't  the end. Dar doesn't really enjoy running in the ring but this time it was different and we managed to become the Club winner and then BOB as well!!!!
The entry to this show counted up to 160RRs! Cairo achieved also achieved the Best Puppy of the show and second best head of the show! That day was ours and I truly enjoyed it. What an unforgettable experience and atmosphere.

Big thanks to everyone, but especially to my boys!

Thanks to Dar's win on Saturday he achieved another title - Grand Champion of the Czech Republic!!!

On Sunday Cairo managed to repeat his triumph and ended up first in his class and Best Puppy of the show again. Dar was excellent and Creasy finished second in open class.

Our friends also managed to get very nice results so big congratulations to them all. Namely I would like to congratulate a becoming star of Qwandoya kennel - ASHARI PEARL for Qwandoya, on being second and first in a female puppy class!

Photogallery HERE

Dar finish next titule: Grand Champion of ČR!!!

2 x Club show Orlík

judge: Beatrix Marcelot-Carbot

Jean Blangino


Champion class: Excellant 1, CAC, Champion class winner, Club winner, BOB

Champion class: Excellant


Puppy class: Very promising 1, BIS Puppy

Best Head 2. place

Puppy class: Very promising 1, BIS Puppy

28. 8. 2010 

Today we were on internationa dog show in Mladá Boleslav and we were very successful :-) Congratulation too our friends :-) 

MVP Mladá Boleslav ( CZ )

judge : Kapliauskas J., RU


Champion class: Excellant 1, CAC, CACIB


7,5 months

7. 8. 2010 - 14. 8. 2010

We spent fantastick week in sunny Italy. It was really fantastic and thank you our friends: Hanka and her family and Qwandoya RRs, Katka, Klárka and Arwen, Jana, Petr and Kairu for their company :-)

We will want to go again :-) 

Photos HERE or under the picture.

  24. - 25. 7. 2010

Dar and Cairo took part in a Club show and a Special show of German E.L.S.A. Club which took place in a beautiful town called Bad Wildungen. We had perfect weather both days and both boys stacked well. Dar was just perfect – as usual :-) Cairo competed in a puppy class but showed like an experienced professional and was evaluated as Very promising 1 – beating two older puppies. I was extremely pleased. Not only that he stacked well for quite a long time but he also ran very smoothly and let the judge to check his teeth and body without any hesitation. On Sunday the judge was slightly unfair and evaluated Cairo Very promising 4 but only because he was the youngest – well, what can we say :-)

Special show 24. 7. 2010

judge: T. Savolainen (FIN)


Champion class - Excellant 2, res. CAC, res. CAC Elsa


Puppy class - Very promising 1

Club show 25. 7. 2010

judge : S. Juutilainen (FIN)


Champion class - Excellant 3


Puppy class - Very promising 4 

Pics are under the photos or HERE



23. 7. 2010

 Some photos of Dar´s beautiful niece Keba from WDS in Herning ( AKEBA A.HUNTERS MAGMABONA ) . She is really amazing :-)

Dar and Keba

24. - 27. 6. 2010

Photos and report coming soon :-)


World dog show  25. 6. 2010

judge: Skalin Bo (SWE)

 Champion class - Excellant ( entry 23 champions !)

World dog show ridgeback specialty 26. 6. 2010

judge: Ann Woodrow (UK)

Champion class - Excellant 4 !!! ( entry 15 champions ! )


World dog show ridgeback specialty 26. 6. 2010

judge: Birte Moller Hansen (DK)

Baby class - Very promising 1 !!! 

Some photos of Dar, Cairo and Dar´s niece  Keba you can found - ch. s. African Hunter´s .




 some pics: Asta McCormick 

15. 6. 2010 

 After some we went lure coursing at Anubis cup last on Saturday. The weather was probably too nice for running, the sun was shining and it was too hot. All the runs were delayed due to some organisational issues – we arrived at 8AM and the first run for Dar was around 5PM, the second around 8PM. It was really tiring for all of us. Well we “survived” and Dar at least had the chance to run despite the weather and fatigue. At least the site and friends’ company were great.

Last week we were babysitting our little Cairo – well he’s not that small any more – he’s 5 months old! He’s grown a lot and now looks like a spider – such looong legs but small body :-) Anyway he’ll be one very handsome guy :-) As we had really wonderful weather we’ve found out Cairo loves water and dives head first into any pond or lake :-)

Next week we’re going for an adventure to Denmark. For Cairo it will be his first show – and directly at the World Club show! ;-) Cairo is also meeting his US breeder there. Well and Dar is going as well of course but for him it will be as any other show J So keep fingers crossed!

And here are some pictures from the lure coursing and Cairo’s stay with us.



23. 5. 2010

I originally planned to go to Litomerice with Cairo to get some show experience but as it was cloudy and raining we decided to go for a walk with our friends instead. The weather then settled so there was almost too much sun in Litomerice. That for sure helped Dar’s sister Brassila to overmaster MVP in Litomerice and they came home with several wonderful titles in the Champion class: CAC, CACIB, BOB a BIG 4!!! And her pups didn’t stay behind. Congrats to everyone :-) !!!

Photos and report form CACIB Litoměřice you can found at web kennel Magmabona HERE.

Pics from our walks are under the pictures:-)

Cairo 4, 5 months

Moon ( Tusani Key to Heart ) a Ashari ( ASHARI PEARL for Qwandoya )

17. 5. 2010 

Today I get official confirmation that




15. 5. a 16. 5. 2010

Last weekend The Club and Speciality Show of KCHRR took its place in Lanškroun, CZ.  As judges there were invited Mr. Jan Copens ( Jockular) and Mr. Jean Pierre Achtergael. For both days Dar entered champions class. On Saturday we were judged by Mr. Copens, Dar was very nice in move and stacked and he got really nice critique and he finished as 4th excellent. Dars sister (Aliss Brassila Zulaykha ) got exactly the same evaluation in champion class females. The best of our family was Dars nephew ( Adam Abeo Magmabona ), who went BISS Junior! On Sunday despite much worse weather we also did well. Dar was excellent again and got nice judge critique. All the weekend was very sucessfull and nice experience for us.

Complete results from Saturday HERE and from Sunday HERE.

KV KCHRR Lanškroun (CZ) - Excellant 4 ( Champion class)

SV KCHRR Lanškroun (CZ) - Excellant ( Champion class )

10. 5. 2010 

 This weekend was fantastic and we were on many trips and walks. Under the pics you can see photos from our ZOO visiting, walk with Cairo and funny walk with Oggi :-)


1. a 2. 5. 2010

Up-date sections Cairo and Cairo´s pedigree.

CACIB Praha (CZ) - Excellant 2, res. CAC

CAC Kapuvár (HU) - Excellant 2, res CAC 

25. 4. 2010

 I've added loads of pictures of both boys from the end of the week. Thursday was mainly about Cairo and his new friends, both in the garden and then from the afternoon walk. On Friday Dar and I went to Lhota. Dar got into water but only just to his belly button, not was more for the flat Balu and daschund Terezka. 
Even the weekend was quite busy, spent a few hours on Saturday in the forest and then on Sunday morning we went cycling for the first time this year with Verca and her RR Sara. On Sunday early evening we managed to go for a walk with a nephew Rif. Dar was really excited and exhausted in the evening :-)



















Cairo´s gallery HERE or under the picture.

Dar´s weekend gallery HERE or under the picture too.

Update´s  My works gallery.

16. 4. 2010 


11. 4. 2010

This Sunday International Dog Show took its place in Dresden, Germany. The weather was really crazy and it didin´t make me feel very good...Luckily this was the only wrong fact of the day. I was curious about judging of Mrs. Ursula Ralfe, who came from SA. She seemed really nice and professiaonal to me. Dar competed in Champion Class, which was strongly fulled. And what was the greatest, Dar won the class! It was honour for me to get this from judge from the country of RR origin. As a bonus we added also res. CACIB. I also entered open class with Creasy (Desmond Fontanesia) and succeed again - we finnished as second from huge entry of 15 dogs in the class. Wonderfull day! 

 CACIB Dresden ( DE ) - Excellant 1, CAC VDH, res. CAC RRCD, res. CACIB

Report from Ursula Ralfe: masculine dog with very nice head, eye could be darker, muscular neck, very nice shoulder angulation, good forechest, nice pads, talons could be shorter, very nice top line, especially good back and well angulated hind legs, tail well carried, calm and friendly

photo: Hana Vitulová