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Adargo Zulaykha

                                                                                              In memory                                                                    

                                                                                 Adargo Zulaykha "Dar"

International Champion

Grand Champion of Czech republic 

Champion of Czech republic

Champion of Germany VDH

Champion of Austria

Champion of Croatia

Champion of Poland

Champion of Hungary

Club Champion ČKRR

Junior Champion of Czech Republic

Cruft´s qualification 2012

!!! Club show winner and BOB ( Club show Orlík ČKRR 2010 - entry 160 RR) !!!

Multiple CAC and CACIB winner, BOB

Candidate for titles:SK Champion, Grand champion of Hungary

BIS Junior 3rd place (MVP Mladá Boleslav 2007)

BEST HEAD 3rd place (KV Orlík 2007 - judge: Alicia Hanna Mohr (USA))

BEST HEAD 1rd place (KV Žebětín 2008 - judge: Mgr. V. Herian (CZ))

  BEST HEAD 1st place (KV Orlík 2008 - judge: Linda Costa (ZIM))

BEST HEAD 1st place (KV Jičín 2008 - judge: O. Vondrouš (CZ))

 BEST HEAD 2nd place ( World RR Specialty show Bratislava 2009 - judge: Franz Zimmerrmann (AT))

BEST HEAD 2nd place ( KV Luková 2010 - judge: Libuše Ubrová (CZ))

BEST HEAD 1st place (Club show Orlík 2011 - judge: Sue Cameron Codognotto (AUS))

BEST HEAD 1st place (Club show Slovenia 2012 - judge: John S. Berg (SWE))

Name: Adargo Zulaykha

16. 4. 2006 - 2. 4. 2017

Dam: Ella Saranga

Sir: CH. Musafah Leoridge

Reg. number: ČLP/RR/4167

Breeding exam: 8. 5. 2008 

Height: 70 - 71 cm

Weight: 47 kg

X-rays: HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg/neg, LTV negativ

Degenerative Myelopathy: N/N Normal

JME: clear (N/N)

EOAD: high confidence clear

D - locus: D/D

Dentity: complete scissor bite, full dentation

Colour: red wheaten, no mask,
- probably gen for brown nose

DNA profil

 Thyroid and Blood tests: all in normal levels

Andrologic examination of semen: Semen is high quality and dog is able to cover naturally

Frozen semen available 

  Exams: Coursing licence, ZOP ( basic obedience exam+behaviour/mental  test ), ZZO ( obedience+behaviour/mental test )

Dar comes from the litter of 11 show quality puppies (5 males, 6 femals). He has elegant and athletic higher   body. Good deep chest. Excellent   back and topline. Strong bones and good proportions. Correct angulation of   forefeet and hindfeet. Dar has got beautifull very typical ridgeback head with well carried and set ears, full dentition with correct scissor bite.Very elegant neck. He is wheaten coloured with black nose. His movement is elegant and spacious.

Dar also exceeds with his wonderfull character. He is well balanced, friendly and loving. He is diffident of strangers but absolutly dedicated to his family and friends. He is also friendly to other dogs, he likes their presence. Of course he is little bit stubborn as the right ridgeback.